children's ministry

"That they may be called trees of righteousness, a planting of the Lord. That He may be glorified" Isaiah 61:3

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Our Mission:

To teach the children the word of God through songs, stories, games and prayer. Children are impressionable and have a natural faith to believe in God and we want to encourage and help nurture that faith.

what we do

As children grow and step into adolescence our prayer is that they remember who God is as they encounter evil and lewdness that seeks to overtake their mind.

This world seeks to destroy our children but we want to equip them with Jesus words. In order to do this we engage the children with Bible studies on Sundays and Wednesdays that they can understand. We teach them how to read the word of God and apply it to their lives. Our goal here at Calvary Summit is to see your children honoring the Lord and helping others to see the Lord in their lives to be called the planting of the Lord. What a wonderful sound to hear our children singing and honoring the Lord. What can the world do or say against a child who knows the Lord. We want to help you equip your children.

Seeds to Trees

Story Time

Children's Story Time

Join us Sunday’s at 12:00 pm. We will be on Facebook / YouTube live for children's Story Time. 

We encourage you to read and do the activity or game as a family. 

The lesson for April 5th will be : The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem  ( Mathew 21:1-11)

Click the link below to download the lesson.