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Daniel Vasquez

Daniel Vasquez

There’s only one way to the father: Jesus Christ.
Here at Calvary Chapel Fontana our goal is to pull people from a crumbling world and set them on solid ground; a narrow path through Jesus Christ to the father.

Growing up without a father truly taught me what it is to be reliant on my true heavenly father. Looking up to great men of faith such as Paul, I too wanted an unshakable faith. Forty years ago a great man of God rose up to start a movement known as The Calvary Chapel Movement. The Lord put a definite calling on my life to be a city on a hill, a light that could not be covered. It was there that the Lord met me and called me to Fontana. With an uncertain future we followed blindly as faith so often requires.

Chasing the will of the Father it was time for my family and I to take a risk. Through all the trials and struggles one thing has remained the same:God is good. Five years later we are privileged to call ourselves not only Calvary Chapel Fontana, but a church that seeks the will of God without ceasing. In Matthew 28 Jesus gave a calling for every believer,“to go make disciples of all the nations”, and that’s exactly what we intend to do; To lead people to Jesus Christ.

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